This is a great country…

Pillsbury crescent rolls. They are the answer to the question, “why is the United States still considered a world power?”

The other day, I was making Pillsbury crescent rolls (cringe all you want – I wasn’t about to spend 8 hours making croissants from scratch like my dedicated friend A). I took the can from the fridge, unwrapped the wrapping, heard the soft but satisfying “pop” as the pressurized can opened, and 8 minutes later I was eating warm, flaky, buttery, nearly perfect crescent roll (except for that Yellow 5 and Red 40). Mmmm, reminds me of childhood Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. The crescents were always my job.

And then, as I sat there chewing the buttery deliciousness, I thought to myself, “America is a great country.” You can buy a can, open it up, and in 8 minutes have delicious crescent rolls. Who even thinks of this stuff? America. F*** YEA.


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