I am one-fourth of a little DC posse. It’s adorable. We call ourselves “GENK.” It’s a strange-sounding nickname at first, but it’s the first letter of each of our first names so it sort of makes sense. It’s an acrostic! Yes, that’s a type of poem. (I seem very literary on this blog with all my talk of poems. I’m not.)

GENK Old Rag

GENK has a lot of fun. In fact, G, E, and N are my main inspiration for writing this blog (I am K, of course). I don’t think I had much of a life in DC before we formed our little posse.

One of the things we have the most fun with, and I think this is going to sound a little silly but roll with me, is we email back and forth. Almost ALL DAY. Almost EVERY DAY. Usually it’s status updates, making plans for hanging out, sending around funny links, etc. But occasionally there will be a gem of a quote, something one of us says or insinuates, that will cause me to burst out laughing, slapping my hands on the desk, office mates thinking I’ve gone crazy (I have), hooting and hollering all the way home.

I’ve decided to chronicle these hilarious gems here on the blog. GENK Gems, I’ve decided to call them. Yes, lame. But I like alliteration, okay?! They’re too precious to let fade away into the annals of GMail. Here’s my favorite from last week. Points to the person who knows what this is referring to. (I’ll give you a hint: I’ve posted about it elsewhere on this blog). 

You still have all next year to be surprise straddled by one of us.

On that note, happy hump day and inaugural GENK Gem quote day 🙂


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