Core Barre Deal!

One of my favorite pilates studios in the DC area, Georgie’s Pilates, is offering a special Mother’s Day deal from today through Sunday: two core barre classes for $25! It’s a great deal (about 30% off the regular price), and a fun opportunity if you’ve never tried the studio or the core barre class to check it out!

You can access the deal here. Just go to the Online Store tab, select core barre from the drop-down list, and then Mother’s Day special from that list.

My fellow blogger and friend Dee (check her out over at Diary of Dee!) do core barre at Georgie’s on Saturdays. We love the workout; it’s the right mix of low-impact aerobics, arm strengthening, resistance training, traditional pilates core work, and ballet barre. We’ve been doing it since January (yay to Dee and I for keeping a New Year’s resolution through May!), and I can honestly say I’ve never felt better. I can see the results and I’ve never felt that way about any workout before. Worth every penny – and if you get the deal, worth even MORE for every penny!

Reach out to me at if you have questions about core barre 🙂


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