Avocado Toast Breakfast

Everyone approaches some type of  food with apprehensions and misconceptions, and I’m no exception. Hey look, there’s your poetry for the day. For me, this list includes butternut squash (delicious, but how am I supposed to cut it?), fresh fish of any kind (what’s the difference between a good fishy smell and a spoiled fishy smell?), and brussel sprouts (I’m just afraid of cooking them badly).

But I have overcome my fear of the avocado! I always ate it in restaurants, in guacamole, on sandwiches, etc. but I had never purchased and eaten my own. I guess I was afraid I would buy a not-ripe or over-ripe one, or that it wouldn’t taste as good at home as it did in restaurants, or that I wouldn’t be able to open it (that pit is huge!). But now, I consider avocado to be one of the many small culinary “Everests” that I have climbed.

It is one of my new favorite things to eat (because there’s always a rotating/newest obsession that I will deem appropriate to eat any time of the day or night). Consider this morning’s breakfast as proof: Half an avocado, cut up and mashed with the back of a fork, onto a toasted piece of multi-grain bread with lots of salt and pepper. Delish.

Avocado on Toast

The picture is small because, well, I couldn’t get a good picture after I devoured most of the toast before remembering I have this blog and am supposed to be taking pictures of my life. Sigh.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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