To Review, or Not To Review?

How do ya’ll feel about brunch reviews?

Actually, hold up one second. How do you feel about my use of “ya’ll?” I’m actually not okay with it. I’m from NJ and while I’ve been living in VA for almost 7 years now, I’m really not okay with my casual adoption of some VA terminology. Doesn’t suit me well. So let’s start over. I have a new blog writer reputation to maintain, after all 🙂

How do you all feel about brunch reviews?

I ask because reviewing brunches is the premise of one of my favorite blogs, Bitches Who Brunch. It was one of the first (and still one of the few) blogs that I followed religiously. I get their daily email and it definitely contributes to my happy hour each day! They not only review brunches in DC (and the reviews are spot-on), but they post upcoming DC events, favorite fashion finds, etc. It’s refreshing to read a blog that feels like it could be written by people I know, and who live in my city! When they write about places that I’ve actually been, I swoon a little inside. Go check them out!

So I ask you all about brunch review because this is one of the things I consider belonging entirely to the Bitches. I won’t even try to match their awesomeness. But I do feel that part of my responsibility to my tiny group of loyal readers (hello out there!) is to give those readers honest feedback – real and applicable feedback that they can use in their lives. And one of the things that we all can use is feedback about brunch.Croque Madame

I think I’m going to go for it. I won’t just be reviewing brunches, after all. I will also be reviewing happy hours (duh! Now I just need to find time to actually go to some!), dinners, food trucks, shops – you name it, I’ll review it. So hopefully the lovely and talented bitches won’t feel infringed upon (actually, if they even ever find out that my little blog exists I almost don’t care how they interpret my reviews because I will have already fainted from happiness).

Review coming soon! (And in reference to the picture: yes, brunch involved a croque madame – but no, it did not involve hearts).


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