Or, we could do happy hour?

I know that one of the first things people will ask when I show them this blog is, “Why did you choose the name orwecoulddohappyhour? What’s the meaning behind that?”

The quick answer is that it’s something my friends and I often say to each other, or I’ll say to my coworkers, or to a date. In DC, happy hour is that neutral zone where politicians mingle with lobbyists, OK Cupid hopefuls mingle with each other, and friends go to dish on the latest gossip in their lives. In DC more than any other city I find that happy hour has a life of its own. It’s the perfect thing to say or do when everything else seems overwhelming.

Of course, in real life it’s not all clinking cocktail glasses and smartly dressed people. And as I’ve expressed in the About section, happy hour for me isn’t always the traditional “go to a bar after work and order a cocktail” experience. It can really mean anything! It’s a metaphor for taking a moment (an hour, naturally) to enjoy your life in the company of the ones you love. And that’s what I’m going to do.

So… happy hour, anyone?

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